There is a wide range of shows. You can catch up with the ongoing games as you have dinner, have cold drinks and beverages while enjoying dances from our hot and sexy dancers and even enjoy good poker games. There is entertainment to keep you having fun and enjoying your birthday party.

VIP Packages

Birthdays are a mark to celebrate achievements and a life well lived. The VIP package will bring your wildest dreams true. You get bottle service, fine china, private room and you can select a dancer for the night from our best and beautiful dancers. The bottle service comes with reserved prices you can choose from.


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Making arrangements for a birthday party are hard for adults because a lot of places are focused on kids’ birthday parties. From finding a venue to finding entertainment, it can be hard to find a venue that meets the desired qualities for the birthday party. At VIVID we offer a birthday package that can vary according to your needs. It is a perfect place to host adult birthday parties in Houston. Here are some of the items offered in the packages:


Our kitchen is always open offering mouthwatering delicacies. With our full range menu, we are equipped to provide food, drinks, and dessert for a birthday party. A late night breakfast is served from 1 am to 4 am in the morning. No need to worry about going hungry after partying all night.


There are lots and lots of space at the gentlemen’s club. You and your party will have enough space to move and dance all night.

With all the above two bars, four stages and a variety of dancers it is guaranteed to have a blast on your birthday. In case of any individual requests like adult themes to spice things up, they should be communicated in advance to ensure appropriate preparation party. Whether it is a 21st birthday party of 50th birthday party or anything in between, you can be sure it will be a night to remember

For any booking, questions or additional information, kindly visit VIVID GENTLEMEN’S CLUB and you will be assisted.